WCPAD™ : Toilet Warm Seat Pad




No more cold, hard toilet seats!

Never be afraid of using the bathroom in cold winters again with this cushioning toilet seat cover by keeping your toilet seat from getting painfully cold.

It is SOFT and FLEXIBLE making it perfect for installation for every toilet seat. It has zipper allows for easy adjustment once in place and to easily unzip for cleaning purpose.

The toilet warm seat pad gives you an extra comfort and minimizes pressure points on the toilet seat.

Easily cleaned and holds securely in place, it is made to fit perfectly on your round or elongated standard toilet seat,

It is soft and pleasant pastime, it accomplishes the goal of making your trip to the bathroom more warm and enjoyable.


  • The great way to stay warm and comfortable all year round.
  • Easy and convenient to install. 
  • Keep your toilet seat warm and cushioned 
  • Provides extra comfort while minimizing pressure points
  • Fits most standard-size toilet and commode seats
  • Easy to install with zipper closure