SIMPLYFIX™ : Waterproof Silicone Bathroom Organizer




Enough with the suction cups that don't stick, or messy adhesives that are hard to remove. Store your small bathroom items easily with this Mighty Bathroom Organizer. 

The Mighty Bathroom Organizer is the solution to keep your bathroom accessories organized and well placed.

No more misplace and falling off of a toothbrush, razor blade, and jewelry if the Mighty Bathroom Organizer is mounted on your bathroom wall. This forceful stick-on wall holder has a strong grip on a slippery surface like tiles, glass, and marbles, You can have this toilet organizer mounted on your bathroom wall without any adhesive, suction cup, and permanent mounts.

Because it’s made of silicone rubber, it firmly holds onto the wall, preventing anything from falling off. You can clean it easily and it dries so quick.


  • The self-adhesive storage organizer set combines toothbrush holder, shaver and jewelry bowl in one.
  • Simply press on shiny surfaces such as glass, marble, metal and tiles and you’re done.
  • No suction cups, no adhesive, no permanent mounts. 
  • Versatile: Great for home, travel, hotels, gyms, dorms, etc.
  • Material: Made from 100% silicone
  • 100% Waterproof: Safe and easy to clean.
  • Custom drainage system allows for water to drain and dry.
  • Environmentally friendly:Reusable and machine washable.