VAPATCH™ : Herbal Varicose Veins Soothing Patch (40 PATCHES)



No more fear of Unsightly Veins, Pain or Swelling. Get rid of varicose veins with our herbal healing patch!

Perfect for Varicose Veins, the varicose veins herbal healing patch is made of 100% natural ingredients that help soothe and relieve the inflammation and pain of the swollen veins. The patch can actively promote blood circulation and remove the toxins accumulated around the affected area.

Varikosette, la meilleure solution pour supprimer ses varices

The patch is super adhesive with a breathable surface, as well as anti-allergy and anti-bacterial properties, which will not cause any discomfort.

This patch relieves your leg swelling and pain and remove Varicose Veins naturally without the need for any expensive or painful procedure.

Applying this Varicose Veins patches can heal your visible and painful varicose veins and spider veins in days, like magic!

The ingredients of the patch are absorbed deep into the skin, accelerates blood circulation and repaires damaged cells naturally.


  1. You can apply 2-3 patches a day (better in the morning and before bed), for 3 hours.
  2. You can massage your legs before and after use to increase blood circulation and maximize the treatment result. 


  • Effective and Safe Treatment Option for Varicose Veins
  • Relieves the pain and swelling caused by vasculitis 
  • Promotes blood circulation and decreases vein pressure. 
  • Soothes and relieves the inflammation and pain of swollen veins
  • Removes toxins accumulation
  • Skin will be restored to a healthy condition in 2 months 
  • 100% Chinese Herbal Medicine ingredients : Lotus leaf, cassia, atractylodes, poria, astragalus,


1pack = 40 patches of Varicose Veins Patch