TRAINOG™ : Waterproof Dog Training Collar




You want to train your dog not to bark when guests come to your home, teach him field recallobeying commands, or more sophisticated training for hunting purposes? Get TRAINOG, with this collar, you will not be worried anymore about his disobedience.

TRAINOG, which is placed around a dog’s neck and are operated by the trainer using a remote control, modifies dog behavior, perfect to discipline a misbehaving dog or a dog in training.

Trainers use the shocks to interrupt unwanted behaviors, such as leaving a containment area or chasing livestock.

For example, when practicing with gundogs that are required to sit when a whistle is blown from a distance—if the dog doesn’t sit right away, he or she is shocked as a reminder to follow through with the correct behavior immediately.

TRAINOG has several settings so you can adjust the intensity of the shock/vibration and also utilize beeps and other sounds to elicit the response you’re looking for from your dog without the shock.

With this collar TRAINOG, you are free to take your dogs for walks on beaches and large parks without having to worry about his disobedience.

The shock collar is made of ABS which makes it high quality and durable. With TRAINOG, you will make sure that your dog stays well behaved and disciplined around you. 

The shock is safe, so while it is certainly enough to get your dog’s attention and deter certain behaviors, it won’t do any lasting physical harm.


  • The static shock settings range from 0 to 99 
  • The shocks/vibration/beeps are delivered by the remote control held by the trainer
  • Delivers an electronic shock to a dog’s neck for the purposes of training
  • The collar is rechargeable
  • 3 Training Modes: shock/vibration/sound.