™ : Mini Camera SQ11


To monitor without fear of being surprised, use this tiny 2 cm camera. It captures movements and automatically records videos during the day and at night.

The SQ11 allows you to loop record and overwrite old footage automatically if the memory card capacity is exceeded in order to continue shooting without interruption, which is useful if you want to set up passive surveillance.

The SQ11 comes with a rotating mounting base, this allows the camera to rotate 360°, you can choose the best viewing angle according to your needs. In addition, it is possible to fix the mini-camera on a flat surface or on a bicycle or even a drone.

This mini camera is equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery, and comes with a USB cable for data transfer and charging. After the device's mini-battery is fully charged, the blue light turns on and the red light turns off.

The SQ11 mini-camera offers 3 operating modes, which can be activated by pressing the "Mode" button. Each of the modes is indicated by a specific lighting of the LED integrated on the top of the device:

  • blinking blue indicates the camera is in motion detection mode.
  • red-blue corresponds to 1080p mode.
  • red flashing means photo mode.

When the camera is recording, the LED will stay off except in motion detection mode.

Discreet and efficient, our cameras integrate perfectly into your environment.


  • Records video in 1080p at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) at a 140 ° wide viewing angle (Loop cycle recording)
  • Night vision supports capturing high definition images at night or dark environment
  • The advanced H.264 photography compression technology keeps high quality videos and also plays a role in storage backup.
  • A key to lock the video in the event of an emerging situation
  • The images can be saved in an SD card (not included) that you attach to the camera.
  • Supports 5-10m motion detection distance
  • Built in 200mAh Li-ion battery
  • Before first use, please fully charge the mini camera battery!


  • 1x SQ11 Mini Camera
  • 1x USB / TV Out 2-in-1 cable
  • 1x Bracket
  • 1x Clip
  • 1x English manual