THORHAM™ : Hammer Of Thor Magnetic Bottle Opener



The Perfect Gift for any Thor Marvel Fan!

A great gift item for any Thor lover. This Hammer of Thor shaped bottle opener is ideal for parties, the bar, everyday household use or added fun at the office! Use it to open you favorite soft drink or beer.

Open bottles with style using our Worthy Hammer THORHAM. Anyone who is worthy can use it. Strong, durable, and fun to use, no other bottle opener can hold a candle to the might and strength of the Worthy Hammer THORHAM! 

If you are looking for the most extravagantover the top, flamboyant, yet manliest way possible to open your bottle of beer, then you may want to purchase Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener THORHAM.

Feel like your favorite super hero when opening up a nice, cold drink. show off to your friends how mighty and impressive you can open that beer bottle.
see if your friends are worthy and if they can lift the mjolnir and open their drinks.

Pop open your heady brew like a mighty god by using thor’s hammer bottle opener THORHAM. Crafted out of solid metal, once thor’s hammer is firmly in your grip you’ll be able to open up beverages easily!

Plus, this magnetic bottle opener is available in your choice of Bronze Gold or Titanium Silver.


  • Flexible - it is capable of the casual or formal dinner at home, bar, restaurant and hotel.
  • Fashion creative gifts for: opening gifts, party gifts & promotional gifts.
  • Hammer of Thor shaped bottle opener & great household tools.
  • Nice gift - fashion creative gifts for: opening gifts, party gifts & promotional gifts.
  • One simple action - allows you to remove crown caps with the simplest of effort.
  • Comes with a keychain to hook onto your keys, bag, or even your belt loops!


  • MATERIAL - This bottle opener is made of pre-fabricated metal,
  • PRACTICAL - It is capable of the casual or formal dinner at home, bar,restaurant and hotel.
  • HANGING CHAIN FOR EASY STORAGE - Save tons of space in your kitchen or dorm room; you can store the bottle opener inside any kitchen drawer, so it's tucked away and out of sight. Or, you can hang on the wall using the useful hanging chain in the bottle opener for a direct reach for every time you need to use it.
  • Color: Gold, Silver
  • Size: 16.5 cm x 7 cm x 4.7 cm
  • Weight: 135 g


1 x Thor Hammer Bottle Opener