Instantly help ease discomfort in your lower back, buttocks and legs with our revolutionary new acupressure system!

It's as easy as slipping on ((BeActive)) and tightening the strap, you'll immediately experience the amazing relief. 

((BeActive)) provides firm pressure behind the knee on a specific pressure point which can help relieve the pain and suffering from sciatica and other nerve pain.

Sciatic pain radiates from the lower back to your lower extremities, but ((BeActive))'s secret is the acupoint pressure pad, applied at trigger points to radiate up your leg and back for instant help with pain relief.

Wear it while exercising, bend down without pain and keep up with the kids. So discreet, it's invisible under your clothing, yet so comfortable you can even sleep in it.

((BeActive)) easily adjusts to fit any leg, so everyone can live pain-free

Works on either right or left leg! ((The BeActive)) wrap fits the calf circumference sizes 12.5 inches to 18 inches measured around the fullest part of the calf. ((The BeActive)) wrap is effective when worn on a single leg on the side of the pain.

Made out of 100% Polyester