AIGUILY™ : The revolutionary Sewing needle



Do you find it hard threading a needle? Do you always find it tedious following the process of cutting the thread, licking the end, straining your eyes and peering over your glasses to see the eyelet, as you thread your needle?

Well, we invite you to discover the amazing Sewing needle ever!

“No more struggling to find the eye of your needle, simply loop, pull & thread and continue your work”

This special needle can find the eye instantly and effortlessly every time, all you have to do is to loop, pull and thread, it will only take a second! Once you done, you are ready to either start or continue your work.

“Stop struggling to find the eye of your needle by using this product - all it takes is three easy steps.”

Use it to:

  • Sewing Buttons
  • Hemming Pants
  • Mending Tears
  • Sewing Patches and more!

Features :

  • The needle with the built-in threader
  • Buries snags and stands
  • Easily change thread colors
  • Quickly mend tears, sew buttons, hem pants and more

Set includes 4 large needles, 4 small needles, and a sewing kit.