LINTPULL™ : The Electric Lint/Fuzz Shaver




This New Electric Clothes Lint/Fuzz Shaver will give to your old fabrics new life by giving them a quick shave without damaging the fabrics, keeping them clean, soft and looking like new!

The Electric Lint Shaver removes pilling and lint quickly and safely, from sweaters, curtains, carpets, upholstery, sofa, blankets and more... It restores your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look!

Method to use: 

Spread clothes on table, use the machine on clothes and move slowly.

To avoid broken clothes, be careful around places where fluff is tangle.


  • Safely and efficiently removes fuzz, pills, and lint from sweater, blankets, curtains, carpets, and more…
  • Use it to turn your sweaters, jumpers, leggings… into new in minutes! No longer have to worry about ugly pilling.
  • Restores your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look without damaging the fabrics, it keeps them clean, soft and looking like new again
  • BATTERY FREE: No More Batteries Wasted! This corded Lint Shaver brings stable and constant strong power to remove lint and fuzz balls efficiently.
  • So easy to use
  • Ergonomic design