MAGPUTTY™ : Super-Powered Epoxy Stick For Restoring and Repairing




When something breaks or needs restoring in your home, there's no need to spend hundreds or thousands on something that can be easily fixed with our MAGPUTTY™!

MAGPUTTY™ is great for anything from your smallest craft projects to your largest home improvements. 

It's a moldable, shapeable epoxy putty that's bond, fix, fill, rebuild, and seal anything fast—including wood, metal, brick, glass, tile, and more—and make it last.

MAGPUTTY™ is the easy way to fix, fill and seal almost any surface. It’s a powerful bonding epoxy stick that you can mold to any shape and can apply to any surface for an everlasting bond. 

Just cut it up, knead to activate and patch over leaky pipes, roofing, refill broken tiles, even reshape the clay to replace a missing part such as a broken mug handle.

Smoothen it out by sanding, paint over it to match the rest of the object being fixed, even drill through it when already dry! It's so sturdy that it can even support up to 350lbs!

MAGPUTTY™ is one home tool that's good to have around!


  • Fix, fill and seal almost anything! You can fix it fast and make it last!
  • Repairs wood, ceramics & metal. You can even use it to stops leaks!
  • Apply to any surface, mold it to any shape you can even sand it, drill it or paint it
  • This super strong epoxy can support up to 350 pounds. Simply cut off the amount you need then knead it until the colors mix and it's ready
  • Just apply and let it dry. Seal leaks, fill cracks, re-build and repair hundreds of items with ease. Mighty Putty does it all. We guarantee it!
  • An easy way to fix
  • Fill and seal almost any surface
  • Package includes 3 pcs set (30 g per 1 piece)

How to use :

  1. Simply cut the stick to the desired length (like dough).
  2. Knead the section together to activate.
  3. Apply to any surface and allow to dry.


Size: 3 cm x 14.7 cm x 17.3 cm