SUNAFIT™ - Men's & Women's S limming Body S haper Compression Tank



Enjoy a smoother figure instantly with SUNAFIT!

SUNAFIT will help you to achieve your goals of shedding those hard to lose extra p ounds and improving your overall mental and physical fitness.

SUNAFIT traps the heat around your c ore and enhances natural perspiration 3x times more than normal gym clothing.

Our design eliminates love h andles and minimizes j iggle, so you can feel c onfident and comfortable during sweat-soaked workouts.

From accelerated c alorie b urning to produce more "feel good" endorphins, sweating from physical activity has numerous proven health benefits: Boosts metabolism, improves warm-up & recovery times, feels better after exercise, and makes every workout count.

Sweat 3X more!

SUNAFIT is the perfect workout partner to help you b urn F at and c alories. It helps your body generate 3X more sweat by heating up your c ore 3x more than regular gym clothing so you can boost up your workout and b urn c alories faster.

Our all-new Sauna Tank is made from an ultra advanced composition of spandex and polymer fabrics so your core temperature rise and you get r esults FAST, and it's available for men and women.

It fits snugly around your m idsection and designed to keep you sweating inside but comfortable and dry on the outside. 

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE - Wear it in the gym or while performing every-day activities, you'll INSTANTLY feel the heat.

Comfortable compression targeting your trouble areas – back, sides, s tomach, love h andles, and m uffin top.



  • Super comfortable, it molds and moves with your body during workouts or everyday activities.
  • Exceptionally flexible and versatile: you can choose to wear it underneath your clothes completely hidden without adding any extra b ulk.
  • Its special material increases body temperature and absorbs sweat so you're always dry on the outside.
  • Ultra-thin yet extremely effective fabric that is breathable, comfortable, and super quick to dry.
  • Its revolutionary 0-b ulk design helps you achieve r esults faster and easier.
  • Provides a hot-sauna-like experience including many of the same scientifically-proven health benefits: (Increased c alorie b urning, deto xification, improved immune system, enhanced blood flow, faster warm-up & recovery times, trigger release of endorphins, etc.)
  • Features an anti-roll silicone lining so it fits snuggly and stays in place.
  • Machine Washable


SUNAFIT fits snugly and generally runs true to size, however, if you're bigger / taller or want some extra room we recommend picking one size up.



    • 1 x Men's & Women's S limming Body S haper Compression Tank