FACEPI™ : Spring Facial Hair Remover




Unwanted facial hairs? Tired of the hassle of waxing, threading, or tweezing?

Get this lightweight, facial hair remover tool today to remove unwanted facial hair with much less pain than traditional waxing!

No skin darkening. No need of batteries or electricity. 

This innovative tool helps you to eliminate unwanted facial hair from lip, chin, cheeks and neck with ultimate efficiency. Removes even the finest facial hair quickly, easily and from the root .. It slows and minimizes regrowth, without harming or irritating your skin.

Features :

  1. The hair is being pulled from the root, it won't grow any darker or thicker like when you shave.
  2. When using it, your skin is not subjected to chemicals or burns like when you wax.
  3. It catches several strands of hair and not one by one like when you pluck.
  4. It is very small and doesn't need any battery or electricity, so you can add it to your make up bag and take it with you everywhere!
  5. You can use it on cheeks, chin and upper lip hair…
Unwanted facial hair can be so frustrating as a woman... so save yourself the stress and time and keep a Hair Removal Spring in your handbag!