LEDShow™ : Slide Show LED Projector Decorator




"Avoid the hassle of Christmas lights & Stop fighting with your tangled Christmas lights and decorate your home with dazzling designs!"

Slide Show LED Projector is the dazzling, innovative, magical light show projector you can use for indoor or outdoor holiday decorating! It instantly transforms homes, giving that special holiday atmosphere with light show themes that are perfect for every occasion!

Celebrate all year long with holiday designs with just a click of the button!

Choose from 6 Christmas slides, 2 Halloween slides, or 4 holiday slides (The holiday slides feature an Easter slide, patriotic slide, birthday slide, and Valentine’s slide).

It has 3 speeds to play your light show: Toggle between fast, slow, and static just by pressing a button. You can even create a static projection with the stop motion button.

Light up your home in a fast frenzy of fluttering snowflakes. Play slow, sauntering bats and ghosts to create an eerie atmosphere.



  • Indoor/outdoor design.
  • The weather-resistant housing allows your Slide Show to operate between -30°F and 100°F.
  • Fun way to decorate apartments, basements, and family-centric rooms!
  • Easy to use. Just plug in the unit (do not plug in near pools or other water sources), insert a slide, choose your desired motion, then sit back and enjoy your slide show!
  • Your home comes to life with Slide Show LED Projector!
  • 12 SLIDES: 6 Christmas slides to spread cheer, 2 Halloween slides for instant Halloween decorations, and 4-holiday slides celebrating
  • OUTDOOR COVERAGE: Slide Show’s LED dancing lights to cover 3200 square feet, perfect to display on the exterior of most size homes

What’s in the box?

  • Slide Show
  • 12 FULL COLOR holiday slides
  • Lawn stake
  • Indoor base
  • Instruction booklet