SEATICA™ : Semi-Enclosed Seat Cushion



This patented seat cushion helps relieve pain and discomfort in the back and legs caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. The cushion's gently sloping surface redistributes weight off the back, buttocks, and thighs and onto the pelvic bones, easing pressure points and promoting healthy spine alignment. Sit As long as you want, pain free!

You can now turn any chair into a comfortable seat with this sciatica cushion. This coccyx cushion is designed to provide support to the spine and promote a healthy posture. 

This orthopedic seat cushion is ergonomically designed to give your body the best possible posture when at work or even while driving your car. The seat cushion chair is soft and fits well in almost all chairs.

The Sciatica cushion is designed to help relieve the sharp shooting pains that radiate from your back, to your backside, then down your leg. Get instant relief, it is lightweight and you can take it anywhere you go.


  • Designed to keep the back in shape and in optimal comfort.
  • Takes the weight off the pressure points giving you pain relief! 
  • Eliminates sharp pain in lower back, spine, and legs
  • Improves your seating posture
  • Makes sitting for prolonged periods comfortable
  • Provides support to the lower back and reduces the possibility of developing sciatica
  • Promotes proper spine alignment and even reduces pain
  • Available in a variety of different colors.
  • 2 available sizes (for adults (45 x45cm ) and kids (40 x40cm ))


1 x  Semi-Enclosed Seat Cushion