SAFIRE™: Emergency Fire Blanket



We know that accidents come when you least expect it. Fires can start anywhere and at any time, so it's critical to be always prepared.

Introducing the Emergency Fire Blanket, a flame-retardant tool that you can easily grab in case of fire. It quickly quenches down fire, allowing you to move quickly and get help and prevent or minimize serious injury.


  • First Choice for Fire Safety. This blanket can be placed around areas where a fire is most likely to start (kitchen, grills, fireplaces, cars, camping sites, gas stations, restaurants, warehouses, etc)
  • Light & Compact. Can be easily grabbed at a moment's notice.
  • Fiberglass Protection. It's woven out of fiberglass cloth to quench and resist fire spread. It will allow you to smother down flames that have just started or can be wrapped around a person whose clothes are on fire.

Add a layer of safety and peace of mind to your home during the holidays. When things get out of control while cooking, the Fire blanket is there to extinguish any small fire. Easy to use with no training required. Simply pull down the tabs, remove the blanket from the hanging pouch and calmly place over the cooking fire to smother the flames.

Product Details: 

  • Can also be used to wrap around your body and act as a heat shield
  • Material: Fiberglass cloth
  • Isolates high temperatures up to 1076℉ (580℃)
  • Color: White
  • Size: 1x1m

Make Sure Your Household Have At Least One Fire Blanket, IT CAN LITERALLY SAVE YOUR LIFE AND FAMILY.