SACHAT™ : Multi-Function Grooming Bath Bag



Many pets are afraid of getting hurt and they don't like to bathe. They try to defend themselves, which can lead to some injuries and scratches. The Cat Grooming and Bathing Wash Bag is a great way to keep your cat from scratching you, besides, it will let you take care of your cat easily!

Our mesh cat grooming bag can protect you and your pet from any unexpected injuries. How? Well, it can be used as a cat restraint bag that can keep your kitty's legs within and allowing you to bathe it like a pro vet.

The pet grooming bath bag SACHAT will allow your cat to relax and bathe at home easily without having to spend extra money. The wide opening makes it easy for your cat to get in and out, so you don't have to worry about your cat not being able to fit in. It also allows your cat to release one paw at a time, making it easy to clean paws and cut nails.

The elastic mesh of our pet grooming bag is adjustable to maintain your cat's comfort and avoid irritation. You can decide to keep the head out, putting the rest of the body inside for washing or, take the legs out during the nail trimming.

SACHAT is perfect for bathing, ear or eyes cleaning, brushing teeth, and nail trimming. It can also help you in giving the oral medicine or injecting the cat easily.


  1. Put your cat in the bag and let her adjust within it.
  2. If it’s the bathing day, apply shampoo from outside the mesh bag.
  3. Unzip the lower portion to clean the toes and then rinse.
  4. Take the cat out of the mesh bag and dry him\her up. 


  • Makes the grooming session easy and comfortable for your feline while keeping you safe from all the rough scratches.
  • Transparent mesh material, thick and firm, durable and tough, soft and comfortable.
  • Proper cat bathing can help reduce the risk of skin diseases.
  • Adjustable elastic for cat's comfort
  • Safe for nail clipping, bathing, ear wax removal, etc.
  • Available in different colors
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size:


1 x Multi-Function Pet Grooming Bath Bag