RETOUCHIN™ : Grey Hair Touch-Up Pen



The Natural Herbs Grey Hair Cover-Up Stick RETOUCHIN is the fast solution to get rid of those unwanted gray roots!

This Root Touch-Up Stick gets the job done quickly and easily. So easy, all you have to do is color in your grays — just as you would with a crayon to a coloring book. It not only covers new growth like a charm, but you can also use it to fill in sparse brows with its creamy, blendable formula, too.

This root concealer works in seconds. It’s a perfect size for travel, for touch-ups anywhere and everywhere! It has a natural coverage for gray hairs around the temples and at the roots. 

Apply in the morning for all-day wear, this root color touch up powder feels weightless and won’t leave any residue.


  • All-natural ingredientsnon- toxic ingredients that will not damage your hair.
  • No irritating feeling and naturally safe for skin and scalp.
  • The perfect cover for areas around the hairline, broad areas of white-gray hair, sideburns, and roots.
  • It can also be used to cover the receding hairline.
  • Brings back the vitality of your beautiful hair just like magic.


Just press the bottom part of the tube and apply it to the target area as if you are painting your hair. Apply evenly for maximum satisfaction. Dries in just 5 minutes!
NO DRIPPING due to a more water-resistant formulation.

Natural plants temporarily cover the white hair with a natural plant covering hair brush once; therefore, it will fade slightly after application, and it will fade after shampooing.

Applicable hair quality: newborn white hair, partial white hair, a small amount of white hair, people who do not want to cover it fully Note: Please use on dry hair; if you have used hair care essence and other products before, it will affect the color effect.


1 x Natural Herbs Grey Hair Cover-Up Stick RETOUCHIN