STYMO™ : Quick-Drying Curve Highlighter Pen Set



This pen set lets you draw curve shapes and patters easily and with fun! Pretty unique, STYMO lays down a pattern to help you decorate your journal or notebook without having to write down all the patterns. 

The curve marker, which also has a 0.4mm tip lets you lay down patterns like waves, heart-rose, flowers, dots, and dashes.

You can use STYMO to draw patterns on your diaries, letters, cards, make notes, scrapbooks, and so on, it can be used also to underline some important parts and drawing some beautiful patterns.

Our marker pens are all quick-drying ink, which dries quickly and writes clearly and smoothly. It is very easy to use. You only need to place the pen on the paper and start drawing.

Basically what you get is a stamp-like roller that you can use for your journaling, doodling, drawing, scrapbooking, or any other paper-related tasks. The markers come in 6 different colors, each color has its own mark line types.


  • A rolling stamp that lays down a pattern. 
  • 6 well-designed patterns. Draw a remarkable patterns has never been so easy.
  • A great gift for Birthday, Easter, Children's Day, Back to school, etc.
  • Convenient and easy to use, and the ink is quick-drying.
  • High Quality:  With acid-free, non-toxic inks and durable 0.4mm Tibs that won't smear, fade or skip colors. Our pens glide smoother than others.
  • Practicality:  These delicate Tib markers are easy to hold and comfortable, perfect for crafting, doodling, art design, writing, painting, scrapbooking and journaling.


  • Style: Art
  • Ink Color: Multicolor
  • Line Size: 0.4 Millimeters


6 x Colored Pens