CRYSBALL™ : Photography Crystal Ball



Meet the newest companion for your camera pouch! The PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL Ball

This simple, yet astounding glass ball was made to put the background in total focus, and do exactly that in an elegant and simple manner! You can use the PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL Ball to take some of the most amazing pictures you'll ever see! It's a Must-Have for your next adventure!

Say goodbye to hassle of expensive equipment to take unique and stunning shots - the lens ball does it all. Unique ultra focused shots that don't break the bank!

This Photography Crystal Ball is stunning in its clarity and ability to change any landscape into something magical. It looks like you’ve trapped the world in a crystal orb but that is all just perspective. This winning illusionist’s crystal ball gives you a different view of the world. It’s perfect for some creative style for your photographs!

Now, You will be able to take the most amazing pictures as a profesional photographer.


  • The Photography Crystal Ball starts off as a perfectly cut K9 glass cube, cut with diamond cutting blades.
  • The cubes are then gradually heated up to a temperature of 1600 degress celsius so they become soft and moldable.
  • The heated cubes are then put into a sphereric mold and pressed to shape under hydraulic press.
  • To ensure the sphere comes out as perfect and accurate as possible the newly pressed spheres are then very slowly cooled down to room temperatures.
  • When the spheres are at the perfect temperature, they are polished with multiple polishing routines to create a flawless and transparent surface.


  • The sphere is crystal clear so you can see even the smallest details in the reflection.
  • The Crystal Lens Ball comes in two sizes: 50mm fits right in your pocket for people on the go, and 80mm for the pro.

  • Enables you to capture mesmerizing images right in the palm of your hand.
  • Works with all cameras as well as smartphones, autofocus and other smart camera features work well with it.
  • The Crystal Lens Ball is a fantastic item an absolute must-have for all people with passion for photography.
  • The perfect gift for anyone who loves to take photos



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