PENASER™: Makeup Eraser Pen



At home or on the go? Makeup slips can happen anywhere.  Now, correct makeup mistakes instantly, all without ruining your look. The makeup remover pen touches up any smudges or marks without leaving behind a greasy feeling.

Correct makeup smudges, smears, and mistakes without having to take off the rest of your makeup with this Makeup Remover Pen.


  • Use the precise correcting tip around the eye or lip area to remove any unintentional makeup marks.
  • For best results: clean the tip after each use with a tissue.



  • Doesn't irritate sensitive skin at all. 
  • Soft brush head brings you natural and even, durable remove effect.
  • Suitable for removing eye and lip any type of make-up.
  • Easy to carry, you can refine your make-up at any time and anywhere.