PEELIN™ - Miraculous Eggshell P eel-Off Mask



The BEST P eel-off Mask that helps purify s kin, remove bl emishes, reduce the appearance of p ores and absorb e xcess oil! 

This is an all-in-one eggshell p eel-off face m ask PEELIN that can b eautify you significantly by nourishing, b rightening, and f irming your s kin.

F irms and t ightens s kin to reduce the appearance of imp erfections; formulated with egg shells to effectively remove d irt and im purities; helps treat p imple-p rone complexions, clarifies, and b rightens with citric acid; boosts moisture levels with hydrolyzed e lastin for a soft, youthful look.

Golden Whitening Peel-Off Cream – CoconutPizza

Apply it all over your face. Let it dry, then p eel it off. It will buff away the dry, d ead s kin that's hiding your natural glow. Plus, the eggshell's calcium will promote cell rege neration and help e ven out your com plexion. The r esult: soft, radiant s kin after a single use!

This works as a hydrator as well as exf oliator and doing it thrice a week will add a natural glow to your s kin.

  • Clear and radiant s kin. Helps lift away d ull, d ead s kin, d irt and d ebris to leave your s kin looking clear and radiant.
  • 15 minutes s kin t reatment. In just 15 minutes it det oxifies, purifies and makes the s kin glow
  • Smooth and soft s kin. As the mask is p eeled away, s kin looks smoother, softer, and refreshed, while p ores appear visibly smaller.
  • Fights bl ackheads and ac ne. This natural mask helps you get rid of bl ackheads.
  • With 100% Natural ingredients. 


  • Gives you a h ealthy and s hiny s kin while preventing premature ag ing.
  • Makes the s kin glow
  • T ightens p ores
  • Minimizes the look of p ores, and restore v itality.
  • Removes bl ackheads
  • Reduces ac ne, ac ne s cars, red ness and prevent br eakouts
  • You will start seeing the r esults within a few days.
  • You can use it on face, neck, hands, feet...


  1. Apply it onto clean face, avoid eyebrows, lips, eye area
  2. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes / wait until it is completely dry
  3. P eel it off!
  4. Recommended to use it 1-3 times per week.


  • Net content: 30g
  • Main ingredients: Hydrolyzed yeast protein, eggshell membrane extract, etc.
  • Shelf life: 3 years


1 x  EggShells P eel-Off Mask