PATCHY™ : Weight Loss Patches (40 PCS)



Tired of that extra belly fat or "love handles"? Struggling to lose those few extra pounds? Ready to take control of your weight?

PATCHY™ is the ideal option for you. Formulated with some of the best natural ingredients, these patches are designed to help men and women with their weight management goals by providing the body with powerful natural extracts using innovative transdermal delivery. Each patch lasts for 8 to 12 hours, and it is kind to sensitive skin.

Achieving a flatter stomach, a shaped body and incredible weight loss results have never been easier or faster, but with PATCHY™ you can shed those pounds easily, It is easy to use and give you the extra boost you need!

Made from natural herbs and plant extracts, Our magnetic slimming patches are clinically tested and proven to assist with weight loss and helps to suppress your appetite.

PATCHY™ effectively blocks the absorption of grease, sugar, and starch and helps balancing excess appetite. It also helps eliminating fat and toxic in the body while tightening the skin.

A good diet and exercise plan can be effective if you want to lose weight but for many, it's easier said than done. We don't always have the time to go to the gym or shop for healthy meals.

Thankfully, natural slimming patches PATCHY™ have been designed to give you that extra help without you having to alter your daily routine.


  • Safe appetite suppressant to aid your weight loss goals
  • Breathable and comfortable. the patch can be easily attached to any area, unnoticeably! It will not make your skin sticky, or moist. Comfort all day long. 
  • Natural ingredients: safe and non-irritating formula. 
  • Easy to carry, extremely lightweight, and best of all, discreet.
  • Can be used with regular exercised and a balanced diet.


  1. Catechin: 
    Boosts metabolism levels and increases blood circulation to remove Toxins
  2. Capsaicin: 
    Reduces cellulite and promotes the burning of fat throughout the body.
  3. Caffeine:
    Restores the elasticity of the body, tightening the skin and decreasing the appearance of cellulite.
  4. Salicornia Herbacea: 
    Another extract that works as a power antioxidant, flushing toxins from the body. Also keeps the skin hydrated.


  • Apply one patch per day for 8 - 12 hours
  • For better absorption, apply on a body part that is clean, dry and hairless
  • You may apply the patch on other areas (such as upper arms and thighs), but applying the patch directly over the navel will improve results.
  • Results appear after the first week of usage


1. People who lose weight over 1KG should stop applying the next day.

2. The slimming patch will become soft as soon as contacting body temperature, then medicine ingredients will penetrate into human body to work, drinking normally after applying.

3. Washing navel by warm water after taking off the patch.

4. People who have navel damage, skin irritation and allergy problems are not allowed to use, children, pregnant women, women in menstrual period and lactation period are not allowed to use.


Weight Loss Patches (40 PCS)