ORTHOSOL™ : Orthopedic Insoles




ORTHOSOL™ relieves and eliminates heel and arch pain due to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, flat feet, Achilles heel tendonitis and Morton's Neuroma. It's ideal for back pain (lumbago, sciatica) and hips by re-balancing the distribution of body weight. It contains a unique silicone gel that relieves heel and foot pain in critical areas that most shoe insoles neglect.

These Orthopedic Insoles are for people who want to enjoy a pain-free daily life, be active again and get rid of the physical fatigue created by plantar fasciitis. Perfect for daily use Walking, Working, Sports, Running, Jogging, Climbing, Hiking and more! The insole fits all kinds of shoes, regardless of size or width. Lightweight and breathable material.

Simply cut the insoles according to the size of your foot, put it in your shoes and enjoy the comfortable feel.


  • Relieves and eliminates heel and arch pain
  • Adjustable size, fits to all shoes
  • Unisex, perfect for both men and women
  • Made of high quality material


  • Material: Shock absorbing EVA silicone
  • Size: Standard


  • 1 Paire x Orthopedic Insoles