ORTHOFIX™ : Orthopedic Toe Corrector Sandals


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Comfy Sandals That Helps Fix Your Foot Posture!

Let's face it; if your daily routine involves walking or standing for longer durations, you’ve likely complained about how your feet hurt.

Pain – doesn’t matter what kind – is frustrating. But, in this case, this pain starts from your feet and ends at damaging your overall posture and joints.


This is why we bring you the Orthopedic Sandal ORTHOFIX. These comfy sandals reposition your toe’s posture, hence taking away pain from the entire body

ORTHOFIX is designed while keeping you in mind! It gives your entire body comfort by taking care of the most common issue of the bunion.

The misalignment of the toe results in joint deterioration, bad overall posture, and pain. These bunion alignment sandals ORTHOFIX take care of the swollen toe and eliminate muscle imbalances – hence allowing you to enjoy pain-free times ahead.

ORTHOFIX Helps Avoid Surgery

Yes, you've read that right! When ignored, bunion leads to pain and joint deterioration in older age. This is where the regular use of bunion alignment sandals step in and take away the need for surgery by fixing the joint without any hassle.

ORTHOFIX Helps with Pressure Distribution

These sandals come with a three arch support design that evenly distributes your weight across the toes, arch and ball of your feet at all times. This helps reduce pain and maintain the overall posture.


Q. Are there any good for flat feet?

A. Absolutely! They are flat themselves so no awkward raised lump where your arch would be. In fact, these sandals help reduce pain due to flat feet.

Q. Will these sandals hurt my bunion?

A. No, they won't. These sandals come with a wide flexible toe box, the part surrounding your toe, which accommodates the bunion. This part fixes the bunion gradually by applying minimal pressure. 


36 3 5 23 cm / 9"
37 4 5.5
23,5 cm / 9,2"
38 5 6.5
24 cm / 9,4"
39 5.5 7
24,5 cm / 9,8"
40 6.5 8
25 cm / 10"
41 7 8.5
25,5 cm / 10,2"
42 8 9.5 26 cm / 10,6"
43 9 10 26.5 cm / 10,8"


  • Material: PVC, Artificial Leather
  • Weight: 800g
  • Color: Silver, Yellow, Brown, Leopard, Gold, Purple and Black


1 pair x Orthopedic Toe Corrector Sandals