NOTUG™ : No-Pull Dog Harness



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Make way for The Best Dog Harness. With its no-choke design, this harness makes an excellent solution for hard pullers, as well as senior pets that need a more gentle option. The wide chest distributes the weight throughout your dog’s chest and shoulders, which treats dogs to the most comfortable walking experience—especially with the extra padding!

This No-Choke Harness is a vest-style harness for dogs that helps maintain control of your canine companion thanks to its design. It is made from durable, breathable, and lightweight materials to help keep your pooch comfortable. The handle on top allows for more control of your dog, so it’s particularly helpful in the early days of your leash training, so even if he won’t stop pulling, you’ll still be able to hold him back until he learns.

NOTUG comes with a no-pull dog 1-meter-leash. It's time to stop the rough choke-like pulling and make your relationship with your dog more personal & special. Personalize your dog's name on it & ensure your dog never gets lost by adding your phone number.

And with the cleverly placed D-ring, it gives dogs plenty freedom of motion while leaving the ultimate control to you. A built-in handle allows you to keep your dog close when needed, as well as help him over rougher terrain.

The chest strap rests across your dog’s chest, instead of putting pressure on their throat. This kind of pressure can hurt your dog’s neck regardless of her size, but especially if she belongs to a smaller breed.


Own it and make it unique by customizing the harness with your dog's name, add a phone number or use an indicator patch like "In Training", "Do Not Pet" or similar. Easy to attach via provided Velcro tag.


  • FREE PERSONALIZATION - express your dog's inner personality with custom slogans or include your dog' s name and phone number for extra safety and security 
  • Nylon Collar Vest keeps your doggy companion comfortable as you go for a stroll, jogging, hiking or running.
  • Adjustable to fit our pup and dog buddies, comfortable to wear, and easily snaps on with the safety buckles.
  • Distributes pressure to help relieve our dogs and pups from getting hurt or choke when the leash is tugged.
  • Reflective - More visibility during night walks for more safety and peace of mind
  • High quality - strongest material to prevent worn seams and hooks or slipping loop.
  • Multiple colors - Find one that fits your dog's personality 
  • NOTUG comes with a no-pull dog leash = 1 meter.