NOSLIFT™ : Miracle Nose Reshaping Tool



Change your nose shape without surgery!

NOSLIFT™ provides a nose lift without surgery in just seconds. Say bye to aquiline nose and say hello to your new pointed long nose!

Looking for an affordable nonsurgical nose job product that gives you results in seconds from the comfort of your home? You are in the right place, NOSLIFT™ is a nose shaper a curved and comfortable splints that you place at the inside edge of each nostril to make your nose look narrower and straighter, instantly

NOSLIFT™ is a tool inserted into the nose to lift the tip up and to give shape and definition to the nose. It is the best non surgical nose job tool in the market today and the only nose job alternative that works instantly and gives dramatic results similar to an actual nose lift!

It can correct majority of nasal shape imperfections instantly. It can make big, bulbous and flaring noses smaller and more defined, flat and wide noses thinner and pointier, and it can minimized the appearance of dorsal and side humps.

It can also change the nasal tip angle, instantly correcting hanging columella and upturned nasal tip.

NOSLIFT™ is made up of Bacteriostatic PVC-BTHC (Polyvinyl Chloride Butyryl Trihexyl Citrate), a medical grade, bacteria-resistant and hypoallergenic plastic fiber widely used in sterile medical environments to ensure a 100% safe, hygienic and comfortable experience.


  • For a nose lift without surgery in just seconds
  • Curved and comfortable splints
  • Makes your nose look straighter and beautiful
  • flexible material allows easy to insert and adjust between the tip and the based of the nose.
  • It comes in 3 different sizes.
  • It cannot be used when sleeping, lying down, swimming, or doing any strenuous physical activity.
  • Perfect for those with aquiline nose
  • Unnoticeable

How does it work?

  1. Place one NOSLIFT™ splint inside the nose 
  2. It should be within the limits of the tip and base of the nose.
  3. It is best to always use the smallest size that securely fits for maximum comfort and ease of insertion.
  4. Larger size will give more dramatic nose lift.
  5. The curved-shaped splints create a pressure that holds them in place. 

Package Includes:

  • 3 pairs of Nose Reshaping Tools in 3 different sizes
  • 3 pcs of 

If you are looking for a nose job alternative without the cost of a nose job, give NOSLIFT™ a try.