NailPrint™ : Nail Art Printing Machine




Are you a nail art lover? Do you want to get unique nail art look for every occasion?

Whether you are a professional or not, you need NailPrint™ : is a MAGIC device that brings much more convenience, FASHION and BEAUTY to your life!

With this cool and creative little machine you can get your nail art done in super high quality and style, it will help you to make your nails much more eye catching within few seconds!

It is incredibly easy to use this printing machine to stamp amazing images and designs on your nails. 

NailPrint™ is made of durable plastic material and comes with 6 stainless steel pattern plates for long use, allowing you to paint up to 54 different images on your nails. With a sucker on the bottom, NailPrint™ can be fixed firmly onto your desk/table. This incredible little "magic" machine helps to make your finger and toe nails beautiful, creative and fashionable in just a few minutes!

Get professional salon results every time with NailPrint™ .

Features :

  • Works on toes
  • Perfect alignment every time
  • Salon quality designs within many gems
  • Cute and lovely design, easy operation, no batteries, no wires.
  • Come with 6 metal pattern plates.
  • With a sucker on the bottom, the machine can be fixed firmly onto your desk/table.
  • Stamp what you like within a minute.
  • Enjoy your DIY and beautiful nails.

How to use :


  • Lock It Down
  • Align Your Nail
  • Apply Nail Polish
  • Stamp Your Design

Package included :

  • 1 x Nail Art Stamping Machine
  • 6 x Metal Plates (Total 54 patterns)