LYFTYN™ : Miracle V-Shaped Face Slimming Mask



Do you dream of having a slim, V-Shape face?
Sick of chubby cheeks and saggy wrinkled skin and double chin? 
Try this full face compression slimming face lifting mask NOW!  

Perfectly shaped face skin was never easier to get! With this Miracle V-Shaped Face Slimming Mask, everything is possible!

LYFTYN™ a wonderful item that will improve the surface shape of your face by tightening the tissues of your neck, cheek and chin to give you a youthful and lively look. The mask effectively replenishes facial moisture, improves skin relaxation, enhances skin elasticity - shaping the perfect V-line chin!

Just continuously wear it before going to sleep and one day you'll wake up younger-looking (a decade younger, to be exact).

It's a delicate mask that provides physical therapy without any side effects. It controls the expansion of fat cells, muscle, and other soft tissue of the skin. 

LYFTYN™ stimulates face-lift contour and shapes your face beautifully. No matter how uncomfy this one looks, it's quite contrary- it is extremely comfy as it features an ergonomic design that perfectly fits your face contour. 

Elastic and breathable mask provides unbeatable comfort while battling aging and the effects of gravity.


  • PERFECT EFFECT: Effectively tightens up the face and neck skin, improve facial wrinkles to the maximum extent. Quickly fix the face contours, making your cheek and chin tightening, reducing double chin, improving skin relaxation and enhancing skin elasticity.
  • COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: made of quality fiber fabric, skin-friendly, which is soft, breathable and stretchy. Stereo cutting, tighten your skin and lift up your facial contours perfectly.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Adopt simple physical way to improve your face shape, mild for kinds of skin, will not cause allergic reactions, no side effect, safe to use. Adjustable Hook & Loop design.
  • REUSABLE & DURABLE: This compression chin strap can be washed with warm water, just use a mild detergent, then dry naturally.
  • EASY TO USE: just wear for 30 minutes when reading, sleeping, watching TV or doing housework. It can obviously keep your chin up, reduce the thick chin and reshapes the facial contours, for best results, keep using the mask everyday for 3 months.

Size in cm:


1.Wash with water and cleaning agents before use.
2.It is suggested to use with the facial massager.
3.Bound the hair avoid influencing the contact between the face and mask.
4.Begin with 15 minutes of use and gradually increase the using time. It is suggest to wear every day and two hours per day after 10 days wearing.
5.Wash face after finishing wearing.

Package Includes:

1x Miracle V-Shaped Face Slimming Mask