MEDOXY™ : Fingertip Pulse Oximeter



MEDOXY pulse oximeter detects in few seconds the efficiency of oxygen transport to the most distant ends of the heart, and displays your heart rate in real time. It is a medical device that attaches to a part of the body, such as fingers, toes or the earlobe. 

This Fingertip Pulse Oximeter makes it possible to detect in 76.5% of cases congenital heart defects in asymptomatic newborns, for a specificity of 99.9%.

There are a number of different common use cases for pulse oximetry, including:

  • to assess how well a new lung medication is working

  • to evaluate whether someone needs help breathing

  • to evaluate how helpful a ventilator is

  • to monitor oxygen levels during or after surgical procedures that require sedation

  • to determine how effective supplemental oxygen therapy is, especially when treatment is new

  • to assess someone’s ability to tolerate increased physical activity

  • to evaluate whether someone momentarily stops breathing while sleeping — like in cases of sleep apnea

How much is the normal saturation rate?

Thanks to a sensor usually placed on the end of a finger, the pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxygen that circulates in the blood of the arteries. The norm is between 95% and 100% saturation, meaning that each red blood cell contains 95% to 100% oxygen.


  • Adapts to all finger sizes, from newborns to the elderly.

  • Measures the level of oxygen in the blood and reads the pulse in just six to ten seconds.

  • Use the device in a stationary position and not in motion for accurate readings.

  • SpO2 and pulse rate are displayed graphically on the bright two-tone OLED screen.

  • The high resolution makes the readings clear in ambient lighting. 

  • Convenient to take vital levels in all situations. Whether you are at home, before or after your sports training, while traveling abroad.

  • The oximeter automatically turns off when not in use and provides up to 24 hours of continuous battery life.

  • Comes in a practical transport case that protects it from scratches when carried alone or inside your sports bag or backpack.

  • Runs on 2 x AA batteries, NOT included


  1. Simply place the sensor of the device (in the form of forceps) on one of the ends of the body (finger, toe, earlobe).

  2. Once placed, the red and infrared beams of light from the sensor will detect the amount of oxygen in the blood within seconds.

The principle used for the operation of pulse oximeter is based on the absorption capacity of the blood of red and infrared lights, according to their oxygen saturation. The calculation of the blood oxygen saturation rate noted SpO2 is based on the ratio between CHbO2 and CHb.


  • 1 x Pulse Finger Oximeter 

  • 1 x case for easy storage

  • 1 x Lanyard

  • 1 x User manual