MASCAT™ : Breathable Soft Cat Muzzle



A cat muzzle is an important part of your pet kit for certain situations. It is often used for cats with behavioral issues, to prevent getting bitten while grooming or bathing.

MASCAT is a safety must-have for handlers, groomers, vets, and pet owners, fits comfortably and securely over the head of cats.

MASCAT will make the grooming and bathing experience much less distressing for you and your kitty.

The muzzle MASCAT is made from strong nylon fabric that is difficult for the cat to tear away and the velcro strap holds the muzzle firmly in place without causing any damage to the cat.

It has a hole in the nose area for easy breathing.


  • Ideal for cats of all sizes.
  • The muzzle is available in 2 sizes 

  • Adjustable Velcro strap 
  • This muzzle offers complete protection from biting
  • Prevents biting
  • Quick and easy to wear


1 x Breathable Soft Cat Muzzle