KINEBACK™ : Infrared Self-heating Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt



Back pain is one of the many issues that most people worldwide complain about. To avoid or alleviate back pain, Use KINEBACK™ waist belt !

KINEBACK™ is a portable infrared magnetic therapy back waist lumbar support belt. The evenly spread 18 pcs self-heating tourmaline magnets in front and back of the brace belt can help improve blood circulation and provide therapeutic warmth, so that you would really feel the heat especially when you are on the move.

KINEBACK™ waist belt helps to reduce pain, discomfort, and avoid potential injuries. Anyone who suffers from common back pains can take advantage of this self-heating magnet designed belt that will help to retain body heat and relieve pain on joint and back muscles.

KINEBACK™ has a strong compression support to limit back pain and also encourages extra toning during movement and exercise. It is made with the highest quality Double Pull system, stretchable and provide best comfort and compression on the waist.

With adjustable design, easy and comfortable to use, it is a good magnetic therapy waist support for both men and women.


The back support belt KINEBACK™ is very helpful in keeping the alignment of your pelvis with your back and spine. As a result, it improves your posture. If you are spending long hours in front of your computer, this back support belt can provide you proper posture. Keeping a good posture reduces muscle strain and back pain.

If worn all the time, it helps your body to stand and sit in an upright position.


  • 18 pcs self-heating tourmaline magnets
  • Help increase blood flow.
  • Relieve lower back pain by reducing pressure.
  • Vented and breathable elastic side panels.
  • Adjustable and comfortable.
  • Supports along the spine to provide stability for those suffering from lower back pain.
  • Professionally designed Double Pull braces can be adjusted to the desired level of both comfort and support using the high quality fasteners.
  • Ideal for rehabilitation after surgery or during treatment, exercise, and fitness, suitable for men and women. 
  • The material is breathable, anti-moisture, anti-sweat; High-quality Self Heating magnets, keep waist warm.


  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Tourmaline magnet.
  • Available Sizes: M -L - XL- XXL
M 72 - 81cm  /  22"-27" 97cm / 34"
L 81 - 92cm / 32"-36" 107cm / 42"
XL 92 - 102cm / 36"-40" 117cm / 46"
XXL 102 - 113cm / 40" -44"  127cm / 50"

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt