Do you still worry about the pet hair, dust, dryer lint, knitting wool or something else on your clothes before hanging out?

Take it easy now! This reusable Sticky Roller will surely do you a favor!

The Sticky Roller is a lint roller that you can use for life. It gives you the power of glue so you clean up your clothing, carpet and furniture easily!

Use the Sticky Roller all the time in your house, on your cloths, and in your car. It is safe on all types of fabrics and can be used to clean your clothing, comforters and even the upholstery in your car!

The Sticky Roller is a great product to have around: it can easily remove cat hair, dog hair, crumbs, cat litter and much more!

And when you finish, simply clean it with soap and water and let it air dry, in no time, you're Sticky Roller is sticky again!

Now with the Sticky Roller we are able to get off all the fuzz, hair, dust and lint so easily and efficiently!

Everyone of us should have This Sticky Roller; we all need to get off link, fur, and other things from time to time…

Features :

  • Great for picking up pet hair, crumbs, cat litter, cobwebs and more from just about anywhere in the house or car. 
  • Reaches deep into carpets to pull dirt and pet hair to the surface where the sticky roller can finish the job!
  • Can be rinsed, dried and reused again and again: it will be sticky all over again!
  • The Sticky Roller is safe on all types of fabrics and can be used to clean your clothing, comforters, furniture and even the upholstery in your car.
  • Handy size, lightweight and convenient to use
  • Made of high-class plastic material
  • Reusable and washable