LYMPHY™ - Herbal Patchs (30 pcs)



The lym phatic system just like the circulatory blood system, it runs throughout the body and carries fluids and cells. having an arm lym ph nodes are because of br east lym ph that are blocked because of unhea lthy lifestyle, lack of br east massage or if not treated well can cause br east di seases .

Here is a non-sur gical solution: introducing the Herbal Lym ph Care Patch LYMPHY!

Herbal Lym ph Care Patch is an organic way to get rid of lym ph nodes naturally. it is a crescent shaped patch that is perfectly designed to fit the underarms and do its miraculous work.

It is formulated to reduce the swelling as it unblocks the clogged lym ph nodes and reduce the tissues and F at cells. it promotes the eviction of waste and tox ins of the body.

Herbal Lym ph Care Patch is made from extracted ginger root and oil and other chinese herbal me dicine. It has an anti-inflammatory substance. It effectively drains the br east lym ph and promotes blood circulation. It is safe and efficient. it is not ha rmful to the s kin.

Herbal Lym ph Care Patch is ideal for women who are experiencing br east lym ph nodes. some women thought that they are just having armpit F at when actually it is already a br east lym ph node!

That is why this Herbal Lym ph Care Patch can help to remove the u gly underarm F at. this patch is also suitable for neck, chest, and other part of the body. it is easy to use, just make sure your s kin is clear and clean then apply it into the underarm and replace every 1-2 days.


  • Organic patch that effectively removes lym ph nodes naturally.
  • Specially formulated to reduce swelling and unblocks the clogged lym ph nodes to the body.
  • Naturally promotes eviction of tox ins and waste to the body.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • It has a crescent shape that perfectly fits the under arm.


  • Ingredients: ginger root extract, ginger oil, chinese herbal me dicine
  • Material: high-quality s kin safe cloth


  1. Make sure your s kin is clean.
  2. Apply the patch under arm/neck/chest... for 8 -10 hours
  3. Replace every 1 to 2 days.
  4. Use regularly for instant re sults.


1pack (30 pcs) x herbal lym ph care patches