LIFTAP™ : Invisible Thin Face Lift Tapes - 16 pieces



With our face taping for wrinkles you get a way to give your eyebrows and your eyes a lift effect and smooth wrinkles on your face completely without expensive and risky surgery, in only 3 seconds! 

The invisible face lift tape is designed to serve a super snatched aesthetic to your face. These ultra-thin, invisible tapes lift the brow, eyes and cheeks while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Quick and easy to apply, it will let you achieve a well-defined jawline without going through painful surgery.

Easily corrects droopy eyes and eliminate excess upper eyelid skin or bags with just two tapes! Water-resistant and sticks on all day, they can be used alone or under-make up for a sleeker V-face!

The face lift tapes work by lifting and tightening the skin with an adhesive that sticks to each side of the face. It's a similar concept to having a high, tight ponytail that pulls your face back and up.

It can also be placed near the neck, jaw, or cheekbones to offer a visible sculpting effect in those areas, too. 


  • Visibly lifts and define the jawline, cheekbones, or eyes.
  • Lifts up eyelids and neck skin
  • Reduced double chin
  • Stick On All Day, Water-proof
  • Easy, Quick to Apply


    • 16 x  Adhesive Tapes
    • 4 x Bands