FURFREE™ : Laundry Pet Fur Remover (2pcs)



Keep Finding Pet Hair All Over Your Clothes After Washing Them? 🐾 FURFREE™ Laundry Pet Hair Remover was invented to find a solution to this common and annoying problem.

Pets are adorable but it's an undeniable fact that they often leave fur and hair on clothes, blankets, beddings, and other fabrics. This is the best laundry pet hair remover that helps remove fur, hair, lint, dander and other debris on anything that you wash and dry. It circulates with your laundry, dislodges pet fur from your clothing and rinses it down the drain. The disc will remove the hair off of the items while the unwanted hair goes down the drain.

The laundry pet fur remover FURFREE sticks only to fur and hair, not clothing. When put in the dryer, it heats up and becomes even stickier. While your laundry tumbles and spins, additional fur is pulled into the lint trap. It prevents rewashing of laundry.

Save detergent, water, and time with FURFREE™!

Using FURFREE™ stops you from having to do second washes to get rid of pet hair, which means you'll save extra money on wasted water and get back more of your valuable time!

Our pet hair remover tool is made of very soft, adhesive, flexible material that captures dog, cat or any pet hair and pulls it off the clothes, so it can be washed down or collected in the drip tray of your washing machine.


  1. The movements of the washing machine or the dryer help FURFREE™ stick to the pet hair which pulls it away from your clothes.
  2. This then allows your washer or dryer to pick up the hair in the lint trap, like it's supposed to!
  3. Clean FURFREE™ after each use, rinsing under the tap with some warm water and soap.

P.S: We recommend to use FURFREE™ when laundry in the washing machine as well as when laundry in the dryer! Get a double whammy of pet hair removal!

It only takes a couple of minutes and you can keep using your FURFREE™ over and over again!


  • Removes animal hair from clothing and laundry while you wash and dry
  • Flexible and sticky material, catches hair and dogs from your clothes
  • No need for a second wash to get rid of your hair - you save water, money, time and above all nerves!
  • Reusable, anti-allergenic, harmless to children's clothing
  • The material is non-toxic, anti-allergic and self-cleaning!
  • Size:


2 pcs x Laundry Pet Hair Remover (Orange+ Green)