JAYSUING™ : Slimming Oil for Weight Loss



This slimming massage oil helps to burn fat, firm, tone, restore the elasticity. The sculpting massage smoothes the appearance of the skin, boosts skin tissue exchanges to help restore elasticity and tone to lifeless skin, and helps to reduce the signs of sagging and cellulite.

The slimming oil for tummy JAYSUING is composed of 100% natural ingredients that target accumulated fat, turning the triglycerides contained in the adipocyte into free fatty acids, which are easier to eliminate by the body, 

Its natural formula is based mainly on peppermint and ginger, which are known to help burn fat, their active principles help boost the microcirculation, burn fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite, strengthens elasticity and leaves a smooth skin.

This belly fat burn oil JAYSUING gets great absorption capacity as well, making your skin feel comfortable and soft, heats up your skin and initiates the sweating process so that you can burn fats faster and more effectively. Moreover, it has moisturizing and nourishing features that leave a smoother and more glowing skin.


  • Slims down the areas affected by cellulite and fat accumulation.
  • Reshapes the body and combats unsightly cellulite.
  • Smoothes down skin dimples caused by cellulite.
  • Boosts the microcirculation and firm the skin.
  • Works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • INGREDIENTS: Pappermint, ginger, grapefruit oil, tea, vitamin B.


  • Apply the Slimming Oil JAYSUING directly onto the skin or into the palm of the hand.
  • Then, on well-dried skin, massage firmly and repeatedly over the legs, bottom, stomach and arms in an upward movements.
  • For best results, should be used for a month.


1 x Slimming Oil for Weight Loss - 30 ml