AKNY™ : Hydrocolloid Invisible Acne & Blemish Skin Patch (120 PCS)



Get the Beautiful Clear Skin You Deserve with the Hydrocolloid Invisible Pimple and Blemish Skin Patch!

Combat Skin Tags, Acnes and Blemishes with the Skin Tag and Acne Master Patch

It is a revolutionary skin patch that allowing for quick and safe skin tag removal

Formulated with hydrocolloid and salicylic acid ingredients, effectively extract pus and impurities straight from the source.

With its advanced protective coating, it protects pimples from dirt and maintains the humidity of skin

Ensure healing 4 times faster than other patches available from the marketplace.

It also provides perfect invisibility with its ultra-slim design to disguises acnes and tags. Ensure no one will recognize any spot on your face. 


  • Skin Tag & Acne Removal: Engineered with the scientific formula of hydrocolloid and salicylic acid integrated that effectively extract pus and impurities from skin tag and acne. 
  • Quicken Recovery: Absorbing exudation of wounds and also provides moisturise with its advanced protective coat.

  • Ultra-Slim Design: Looks invisible on your face with its ultra-slim and transparent design. Perfectly disguise your skin tags and acne with our master patch.
  • 100% Natural Ingredient: Generates low stimulus with a gentle moist dressing.
  • High Capability: Comes with 3 different sizes (7mm, 10mm, 12mm) to fit on different acne and skin tags.


  1. Wash and dry spotted area.
  2. Find the perfect size. 
  3. Stick and press on for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Remove after it turns white after 4-8 hours. 


  • Ingredients: Hydrocolloid & Salicylic Acid
  • Sizes: 3 sizes (7mm, 10mm, 12mm)


Acne Patch Set (5 templates=120 pcs)