HAIRFI™ : Hair Building Fibers




If you’ve been asking yourself how to get thicker hair, this hair loss concealer is the answer, it can change your hair loss appearance in matter of seconds!

This Hair Building Fibers is made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that normal human hair is made of. The fibers intertwine with your own hair and conceal all exposed scalp for a completely full and natural look, they stay in place all day and all night, you can do exercises, jogging, mountain climbing and any sport activities…

This product is a natural, safe way to conceal the appearance of thinning hair and baldness, it meshes with the hair creating natural-looking, thicker hair as soon as you use it!

This Hair Building Fibers resists wind, rain and sweat, and you can remove it easily with shampoo.

 “Simply apply the Hair Building Fibers to your hair, and watch what your hair is transformed to!” 


  • Natural
  • For men and women who have thin, weak and light hair 
  • Conceals bald spots and thinning hair in 30 seconds
  • Resists wind, rain and perspiration
  • Can be removed easily by shampoo
  • Subtle and undetectable
  • Suitable for all hair textures and hair types
  • Available in 9 shades


  • Keratin
  • Silica
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Chlorophenesin.
  • Ammonium Chloride