GYMIN™: Indoor Gym Trainer



Gyms are closed ? Not a problem anymore


With GYMIN™ you can now bring your workout session to your home, exercising your entire musculature from head to toe. This is a training roller that is equipped to give a full-body workout experience anywhere, anytime.

It works as gym equipment and has two wheels with handlebars attached on each side to give you a better grip while you workout.
Equipped with super-elastic and strong pull rope, this ab roller will strengthen your abs and core from different angles in no time.

GYMIN™ allows you to target different muscle groups at once and you can work out several critical exercises using just this one equipment.
You can use it for your shoulder, legs, chest, back and it will give you better results in lesser time than conventional exercises and equipment.

This powerful roller is a versatile, highly effective and inexpensive way to get in shape as you can do over 40 different exercises with this one time purchase.

Suitable for both professionals and beginners alike. You can do forward stretches, move sideways for side planks and stretches. Apart from these, you can indulge in many more exercises such as roller crunch, ab wheel plank, front roll-out, v roll out and more. You'll be as good as a pro in no time.



  • Builds up endurance in many muscle groups
  • It proves to be effective on your arms, upper back and glutes muscle..
  • Provides extra stability for a convenient workout routine.
  • Ergonomic design, improves core & arm engagement for optimum results. 
  • Adjustable Resistance: 5 different training levels (the more resistance you want the shorter the cords need to be) resulting in a more intense workout.
  • Compact and light, You can easily store it in a small space.
  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners alike.
  • Convenient and Safe
  • Super Strong and Durable



  • Colors: Green, Blue
  • Material: ABS + PP + EVA
  • Adjustable Rope Length: 35-95cm (stretchable)
  • Knee-board Size: 42 x 14 x 4.5cm


  • 1 x Indoor Gym Trainer