GROOMIN™ : Hair Grooming Tool for Dogs and Cats



Whether your detangling your dog's hair or removing thick mud, this dog knot cutter is useful for many different tasks! This comb features double-sided, hardened steel serrated blades perfect for cutting knots, but soft enough for skin!

With this easy to use double sided comb, grooming your pets hair will not be a problem anymore! It safely helps to get rid of your pet loose hair, and any long and short haired pet to help keep him\her clean and comfortable. You will also notice less hair on your furniture and carpet. 

GROOMIN cat and dog grooming tool would work through any type of hair providing protection without scratching your pets skin and hair pulling.

Your pet animal would love gentle massage on his body, and this deshedding brush for cats and dogs is perfect for that. The relaxing movement also promotes blood circulation, and it sheds the dead hair of your furry friend without causing irritation. It efficiently untangles all the knots in the hair and gives your pet a shiny hair appearance that looks extremely beautiful.

The dual-head design of this cat and dog detangling comb makes it ideal for thinning, deshedding, and of course, smooth dematting. All you need is a simple back and forth gentle motion to get results.


  • 100% safe for all pets and does not scratch or irritate the skin 
  • Small size, handy and easy to carry it with you anywhere you go and easy to store it away
  • Made for all hair types so you can enjoy stress-free bonding time with your pup.
  • Detangling daily will help prevent a build up of knots within your pet's coat.
  • The blades of GROOMIN can remove dirt and at the same time, smooth your pet's hair.
  • Promotes blood circulation and gives relaxing massage.
  • Available in 2 colors: pink and blue.


1 x Hair Grooming Tool for Dogs and Cats