GLASCO™ : Adjustable Vision Glasses



Instead of spending hundreds on prescription glasses and an optometrist’s appointment, you can s ave money and get the same effect.

GLASCO™ is a set of customizable focus-control glasses. You put on the glasses, then adjust the dial to control the magnification.

  • For Near or Far-Sightedness - Developed by top optical scientists, our sliding lens technology lets you see up close, into the distance and all around you, with an incredible adjustment of between -6 and +3 Diopters. In two quick, simple steps, simply adjust each eye’s dial until the included eye chart comes into focus and you’re done.

  • Convenient Backup Pair - Keep a pair of GLASCO™ in your car, nightstand, bag, drawer or work desk for sharp, clear vision anywhere you go. They also come in handy if you’re waiting for new glasses, an appointment with the optometrist or if your glasses were damaged or lost.

  • One Pair For Any Task - There’s nothing more annoying than having to carry around 3 pairs of glasses - for reading, driving and TV. With GLASCO™’s cutting-edge optical technology now you can carry one pair, and still get it all done.

  • Changes With You - As we get older, our eyes slowly lose the ability to change focus for nearby objects. It happens to all of us, and it’s called presbyopia. But with GLASCO™, it adjusts with you, keeping your vision sharp over the years no matter what.

  • Light and Durable - All our lenses have a tough, Anti-Scratch coating, offering great durability. Plus the thin, lightweight frame is designed to take a beating, so it won’t break if dropped or accidentally sat on.


  • Adjustable lens eyeglasses
  • World's first eyeglasses for distance without a prescription
  • Turn the dials to adjust for distance or reading instantly
  • Great as spare eyeglasses
  • Impact resitant lenses, flexible frames
  • Adjustalbe nose pads
  • Great for men and women