FISHIN™ : Automatic Fishing Rod Holder



Fishing is a pretty relaxing pastime. You can just spend the day enjoying nature, waiting for the fish to bite. But It's frustrating if you never catch anything. In that case...

... it might be time to up your fishing game with this Automatic Fishing Rod Holder. This unique fishing tool automatically pulls back when a fish bites. 

If you're tired of the long wait, the Automatic Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holder will keep fishing rods in position until a bite comes in, hands-free!


FISHIN is the solution you've been waiting for! Let this amazing tool do the work for you. It automatically springs up your fishing rod as soon as you get a bite, setting the hook in really well.

Strap In and Walk Away!

Set up the fishing rod holder, secure with the adjustable strap, drive into the ground and leave it so you can do other things as you wait for a bite.  

Pulls The Rod Out Automatically!

Once the fish bites, it activates the trigger and automatically lifts the fishing rod holder up to keep the fish from getting away. 

Automatic Stainless Steel Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder Bracket


  • Automatic fishing, no need to watch all the time, just sit and wait for the fish swallowing a bait. 
  • Portable and foldable, high strength, highly sensitive
  • Made of quality stainless steel.
  • Equipped with spring mechanism, max pulling strength up to 8KG.
  • Three sensitivity adjustment, slightly sensitive, sensitive, ultra sensitive. 
  • Can pull up the rod automatically when it detects fish bites.
  • Suitable for ocean beach fishing, lake, river, reservoir pond, stream. 
  • Portable & Lightweight: 375g

How To Use:

  1. Cast out your line
  2. Place your rod in the holder
  3. Wrap the slack line around the trigger and it's set
  4. Grab a beer and wait for the fish to bite


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Folded size: 32*5.5*5.5cm
  • Extended length: 52.5cm
  • Rod width: 4cm (Fit for pole of diameter<4cm/ 1.5 inch) 
  • Color: silver & red
  • Packing size: 32*6*5.5cm
  • Package weight: 413g


  1. It's not a toy, please keep away from your children, improper usage may cause injury.
  2. This item has an adjustable trigger and can adjust to catch BIG and SMALL fishes!
  3. Please only touch the rod to lock the unit.Do not touch the spring area it is very strong. If you want to release it just touch the trigger.


1 x Automatic Fishing Rod Holder