DRANY™: Multi-functional Drain Stopper


Dirty hairs and waste everywhere is an irritating problem

Keep your bathroom, kitchen, sewer, washbasin free of hairs and residue


The rubber tub drain stopper can stop water and cooking trash going down the drain. It can drainage and prevent water flow. This sink strainer also can catch the hair anytime. It has a good seal. Fit for kitchen sink, bathroom bathtub or laundry. Soft and flexible you can change its shape to fit most basins, sinks, bathtubs, and drains.

Press the center of the button, the edge will fold up and allow water to pass through; press the edge, it can close the valve. You can quickly switch the pool by press it.



  • Fit for kitchen sink, bathroom bathtub or laundry, etc.
  • Prevent objects from falling into the drainage.
  • Widely used, suitable for all kinds of flumes
  • Suitable for sewer holes (> 3.6CM)
  • Strong texture, not easy to grow, strong corrosion resistance
  • Easy to operate after washing, free to drain water, keep the pool clean



  • Material: Silicone
  • Colors: Green, Pink, White, Grey
  • Size: 10 x 3.6cm



  • 1 x Multi-functional Drain Stopper

PS: the sinkhole size should be between 3.4cm and 9.5cm and does not apply to a hole that has a buckle