DEPILAY™ + Ultra Thin Facial Lift Patches (FREE)




The revolutionary new beauty hair removal that removes unwanted hair fast and efficiently. And it’s pain free! Just spray and simply wipe away and you’ve got silky smooth skin that lasts for up to SIX WEEKS.

Thanks to this incredible hair removal, you’ll never have to wax or shave again. It’s perfect for arms, underarms, chest, stomach, your bikini line, legs, and more! It's enriched with ingredients such as aloevera. That makes your skin smoother. Vitamin E, and that's going to moisturize your skin, and orange extract to reverse the signs of aging.
DEPILAY™ is a clear, natural, vitamin enriched formula that dissolves the whole hair down to the root without any pain. Leaving your skin moisturized, hydrated, healthier and younger and hair free for up to six weeks!

You just need to spray it on your skin, wipe it away and the hair comes off with you. Your skin is going to look better, it’s gonna feel better, it’s gonna be nourished because there’s vitamins in it and your hair won’t grow back for weeks.

Product Features

  • Removes hair in seconds and exfoliates
  • Pain free & irritation free
  • Stop shaving or waxing
  • Easy and quick application
  • No burning sensation on your skin
  • No skin darkening side affects
  • Suitable for all body parts and sensitive skin
  • Nourish your skin with soothing and softening properties
  • Leaves your skin completely hair and stubble free with radiant glow
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • One spray can remove hair from entire body 
  • Size: 130ml

How to use it?

  1. Hold the spray in 15 cm - 30cm distance from the body. Use the product only for the purpose it was designer for (hair removal).
  2. Shake well & squeeze the spray down direction of body hair growth.
  3. Keep the spray on the body 5-10 minutes, than use the wet towel to wipe off the remaining depilatory foam & hair.
  4. Immediately after removing the hair and completing the process, wash off the body.
  5. Use again if needed minimum 15-20 days after the last application.


Before any application on face or sensitive body parts, test a small area to make sure you do not develop any reaction to the product.

If nothing appears after 24 hours, you can proceed to the application.

Ultra Thin Facial Lift Patches DESCRIPTION:

No Need For Creams, Expensive Treatments Or Needles. Lift Wrinkles Instantly Overnight! These Thin Patches Use Mechanical Lift To Help Achieve The RadiantRejuvenated Dream Skin!

The stickers rejuvenate sagging skin making it an easier hassle-free solution to skin ageing. It keeps the skin tight and firm while you are sleeping. The usage of these anti wrinkle patchs can reduce wrinkles and prevent it from forming.

Ultra Thin Facial Lift Patches for Wrinkles & Lines are made with the finest and thinnest material that it will not bother you while sleeping. It is an advance product that helps keep skin young and beautiful with zero effort.

While sleeping, it stimulates collagen production and prevents night-creasing and designed to smoothen out any fine line and wrinkle on your face. For best result, use before sleeping so you wake up with a tightersmoother skin.

Wake To Face The Day With Totally Transformed Smooth, Radiant, Rejuvenated Skin!


  • Visibly Smoothens and Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Instantly Lifts your Face
  • No Side EffectNo AllergiesSafe for Use
  • Long-Lasting Effects
  • Target And Treat The Most Vulnerable, Wrinkle-Prone Zones: Forehead, Eye And Mouth, Neck.
  • Comfortable Compression + Hyper-Hydration: For Your Plumpest, Smoothest Skin.
  • Kickstarts Skin’s Natural Collagen: Encourage Repair And Help Firm, Lift, Erase Lines And Wrinkles.
  • Incredible, Visible Results In 1 Night!
    Plus, Ongoing Improvement Over Time!


  1. Before applying, thoroughly wash and dry your skin.
  2. Gently remove the plastic film and position the translucent, self-adhering patches on your face and neck.
  3. Wear the patch for 6-8 hours while sleeping. Notice the improvement when you wake up.
  4. After use, remove the patches and place in the enclosed storage shield.


  • Material: Resin, Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Type: T Shape, Round Tape, Long Strip. 


1x Hair Removal Spray + 1x Ultra Thin Facial Lift Patches for Wrinkles & Lines