DARKER™ : Herbal Hair Darkening Shampoo



Look Younger With Your New Hair Color In Just 10 Minutes!

Going to the stylist regularly for hair color treatment is a bit steep and can be time-consuming. But all that can change with the use of this 10 Mins Herbal Hair Darkening Shampoo! Regain your confidence back by looking and feeling younger again with this Herbal Hair Darkening Shampoo. Refresh your hair color from grey to any colors you want in just minutes! Time to say goodbye to your aging and dull hair!

This Shampoo protects and repairs your hair for a healthy and shiny finish. It naturally restores pigment cells, while conditioning with 100 % organic herbs that are non-toxic & chemical-free.


  • Refreshes your hair color instantly
  • Protects your scalp from drying to prevent dandruff
  • Easy to use; Squeeze the Shampoo. Apply it to your hair. Rinse it.
  • 100% Made of organic herbs. Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Available in many colors to suit your vibes.


  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Color: Black, Dark Coffee, Coffee, Wine Red, Chestnut, Purple


  • 1 x Herbal Hair Darkening Shampoo