COMFU™ : Unisex Waterproof Comfy Children’s Diaper Skirt



Do you want to keep your baby clean and comfy wherever you go? Are you looking for a convenient and high quality changing pad? Then this Comfy children’s diaper skirt COMFU is everything you’ve been looking for!

COMFU is ideal if you are worried about accidents making a big mess and leaking everywhere. They are perfect for the accident phase of potty training. A solution especially designed to prevent bedwetting in children, featuring an absorption capacity. 

It helps children to manage the bedwetting phase by providing unbeatable overnight protection; meaning a better night's sleep for your child and for you too. Children now can feel more confident and independent at bedtime, for dry nights either at home or nights away.

COMFU helps keep clothes dry thanks to smart layers of cotton, bamboo and waterproof TPU laminate. It’s soft, stretchy and fits perfectly, holds enough urine to keep children dry at night. 

COMFU is designed to fit loosely, so that it can be pulled on and off by your child without any adult supervision. A good night's sleep assured, with Unbeatable night-time protection.

COMFU comes in a variety of patterns and sizes and will fit babies, toddlers and kids up to age 8. 


  • Material: Outer layer-cotton; Middle layer-TPU Waterproof fabric; Inner layer-  bamboo
  • Waterproof and Absorbent: TPU layer is waterproof and absorbant
  • Soft and Breathable: 100% cotton fabric, COMFU is soft and breathable
  • Double Wide Elastic Band: comfortable and stretchy
  • Button design: Two buttons in the bottom prevent the cloth from turning up 
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The durable quilted double layer vinyl is 100% waterproof, and can be easily cleaned 
  • Size:


1 x Unisex Comfy Children’s Diaper Skirt-Short