TOEPRO™ : Bunion Splint for Bunion Relief




Do you have a bony, lumpy deformity on the joint at the base of your big toe? It hurts when you put on shoes and bulges too.

This premium bunion splint is professionally designed to reduce bunion pain and get you back on your feet.

It is a remedy for orthopedic problems, for both day and night time use. The Bunion Splint remedies bunions and the deformation by applying a 3-point pressure system.

It bends in the bone and toes, comfortably and slowly enough for you not to notice it or feel pain. The pad scatters the pressure around the foot and relieves foot stress in the process.

The Bunion Splint is very comfortable to wear. You can adjust it to fit and support your foot properly.


  • Allows for effective toe correction and bunion relief by using this bunion corrector toe splint. Feel the relief you’ve been waiting for. Your bunion pain will completely disappear when wearing this bunion splint.
  • By wearing the bunion protectors it will gently realign toes to their natural position. Your toes will feel great when back at their natural alignment.
  • Made from high-quality medical grade materials to provide maximum hallux valgus relief.
  • Soft and easy to clean, bunion pads can be reused again and again.
  • Adjustable to provide a comfortable fit. This bunion splint fits all sizes and can be enjoyed by men and women alike.
  • Wear it around the house during normal activities or in bed while asleep as a bunion night splint. The soft cushion, straps, and pad feel supportive and good on your feet.
  • The bunion splint enables your toes and feet to move naturally while keeping their alignment

How To Use :


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