BELLYIN™ : Tummy Wrap Bandage Waist Trainer (3 METERS)



Tone and sculpt your perfect waist with our Tummy Wrap Waist Trainer!

This is the perfect body shaper that helps to easily burn fat and calories whether you’re working out or just sitting all day at home or at the office or going about your normal daily activities.

Our waist wrap is made of a strong fabric which stretches and moves with your body, without losing shape over time to give you the perfect waistline you want, and helps you firm up your waist and tone upper body to gain snatched waist. This workout waist trainer increase water circulation leaving your body comfortable during activities such as Fitness and Yoga.

Our waist trainer for weight loss sculpts and accentuates your curves by tucking stomach and supporting lower back. You can adjust the tightness according to your needs. All our waist trainers are breathable, and will make you slimmer than you ever thought possible!  

3 Meters in length to cover your whole tummy region. Suitable for all shapes and sizes form XS to 5XL, our Waist Trainer Wrap BELLYIN allows a comfortable snatch. The tummy wrap material is a smart nylon so it remains supportive and skin friendly for sensitive skin. Just wrap it around your waist, and you are ready to go.


  • The wrap will help with compression while you workout and promote more sweat.
  • Made with high quality velcro and latex on the wrap
  • Easily adjust the tightness according to you needs
  • Suitable for all body types for all figures
  • Provides high compression to your abdomen
  • Creates a perfect hourglass figure


1 x Tummy Wrap Bandage Waist Trainer (3 METERS)