LIFTBAND™ : Anti-Wrinkle Face lifting Band




Pay attention to appearance is a woman's nature.As people get older,wrinkles begin to appear on their faces,this bothers a lot of women who want to be seemed still beautiful and young.

So get the look of an Instant Face Lift right at home with a clinically proven method of skin regeneration : LIFTBAND™ ! No creams, injections, or surgery are required

LIFTBAND™ is a device that everyone can wear to get a better complexion with less wrinkles and greater tautness. The treatment is easy to use and does not need any topical skincare solutions.

Simply stimulate natural regeneration with strategically placed precision tabs to help tighten, lift, smooth & plump your skin in just minutes a day.



  • Help Lift Firm Skin Naturally – No Chemicals Or Extra Steps
  • Gently & Painlessly Stretches Brow Lines Upward, Crow’s Feet Outward, Chin, Jawline & Neck Upwards & Outwards Toward the Ears
  • Helps Lift Inner Walls of Lines & Deep Creases to the Surface
  • Helps Eliminate the Need for Fillers & Surgery
  • Medical Grade Silicon, Latex-Free
  • Wash Easily With Soap and Water


  • Users will need to use the treatment every single day.
  • Put the band on their head like a headband.
  • User needs to line up the band with the hair line, going over the ears.
  • Adjust the tabs on the band to get the snug fit they want.
  • Let the treatment stay on for about 5 to 20 minutes.+


1 x Anti-Wrinkle Face Lifting Band