ALISTIC™ : Elastic Food Storage Plastic Covers (Pack of 100)



When you can’t find a lid, use ALISTIC : plastic food covers! Just grab it on, pop it on and DONE ! No losing sticky stuff or fighting with cling film to reapply it after lifting it off once to get into the bowl, this stretchy plastic wrap cover makes everything just so much easier!

This elastic food cover wraps fit so many kinds of food containers, when secured to the top of the container, they form a hermetic seal that keep food fresh, and keep dust and flies away. They are nice choice for leftovers and can cover a variety of food, fruits, etc.

One size fits all: These elastic food storage covers ALISTIC fit every thing from small bowls, to a dinner plate, you can get into the bowls of food over and over and just put the plastic cover back on, easily and efficiently. 


  • Fits various of bowls, plates and containers.
  • Made of high quality food-grade polyethylene materials.
  • Has a certain degree of ductility.
  • Multipurpose: It can't be only food Cling-wraps, but also shower caps.
  • Convenience, since one size fits all.
  • Very suitable for any leftovers, picnic or barbecue.


100 x Elastic Food Storage Plastic Covers